The dramatic growth of the State Trooper Surgeons Program is due, in part, to the consistent support of our Key Business Partners.  Learn about valuable resources and offers from our business partners below.  They offer benefits that you are entitled to utilize as a State Trooper Surgeon.  You'll also have opportunities to get to know them at State Trooper Surgeon events.

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Kevin Dayton and Dana Sydney, together with their associates at Dayton and Sydney Wealth Strategies Group, have become a consistent, valuable resource for our State Trooper Surgeons.

Dayton & Sydney can help our physician members who face the following challenges:

  • Limits on contributions into qualified plans

  • Exclusions from Roth IRA's and other savings programs

  • Retirement on significant percentage of income

  • Need for creditor protection on certain assets

If you need a low pressure expert who can guide you with financial health education & management, you should give our partners a call.  The NYS TROOPERS PBA is proud to partner with Corporate & Endowment Solutions Inc. and Dayton & Sydney Wealth Strategies Group.  Their willingness to serve as a resource to our membership has proven to be an outstanding partnership.

Kevin T. Dayton, Managing Partner

Dayton & Sydney Wealth Strategies Group LLC

1000 Woodbury Rd. Suite 300,  Woodbury, NY 11797