The dramatic growth of the State Trooper Surgeons Program is due, in part, to the consistent support of our Key Business Partners.  Learn about valuable resources and offers sought-after benefits below, benefits you are entitled to utilize as a State Trooper Surgeon.  Please feel free to reach out to our benefit managers to begin a new relationship.  You'll also have opportunities to get to know them at State Trooper Surgeon events.

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Kevin Dayton and Dana Sydney, together with their associates at Dayton and Sydney Wealth Strategies Group, have become a consistent, valuable resource for our State Trooper Surgeons.

Dayton & Sydney can help our physician members who face the following challenges:

  • Limits on contributions into qualified plans

  • Exclusions from Roth IRA's and other savings programs

  • Retirement on significant percentage of income

  • Need for creditor protection on certain assets

If you need a low pressure expert who can guide you with financial health education & management, you should give our partners a call.  The NYS TROOPERS PBA is proud to partner with Corporate & Endowment Solutions Inc. and Dayton & Sydney Wealth Strategies Group.  Their willingness to serve as a resource to our membership has proven to be an outstanding partnership.

Kevin T. Dayton, Managing Partner

Dayton & Sydney Wealth Strategies Group LLC

1000 Woodbury Rd. Suite 300,  Woodbury, NY 11797